This gives technical details of Doors made of Glass Fibre Reinforced plastic (GFRP) face sheets, sandwiched by Expanded polyurethane EPS by in-situ foaming technique developed for use in residential houses, offices, schools,  hospitals etc., The Doors of Standard size and variety of designs can be fabricated easily using this technology.

[1] LIGHTWEIGHT: FRP/ GRP Doors provide more strength per unit weight than wood or most of  the metals. This property offers easy handling and Transportation.

[2] MOISTURE RESISTANT: Polymer skins being impervious and water proof, protects the door from any water or moisture ingress. Hence these doors have good dimensional stability and does not expand or contract like conventional wooden doors.

[3] FIRE RETARDANT: The FRP/GRP face sheets used in doors   can be made fire retardant, self   extinguishing type.

[4] MAINTENANCE FREE: Due to excellent weather ability and chemical resistance these doors are maintenance free. Hence no recurring cost.

[5] TERMITE RESISTANCE: FRP /GRP sheet offering no food to termite, enhances the life of door making it more durable.

[6] FUNCTIONAL SUPERIORITY: High strength combined with properties of impact resistance, corrosion resistance along with above mentioned features makes FRP/GRP doors highly superior to many other materials.

[7] DESIGN FLEXIBILITY: Complex designed doors involving compound curvatures can be easily incorporated and fabricated in short time at least cost. No special tool / Workmanship required. No hassle of carpentry-Entire door is ready to fit.


[1]  Fimen Doors are manufactured as per CDC (Composite Design Center) Guidelines, as per IS4020 and CPWD (Central Public Works Department) Specifications.

[2]  These doors are pressed for about 2 to 3 hours under 13 tons pressure using 50 tone Hydraulic  Press.  But local FRP manufacturers use only hand press, which can accommodate only 1 to 1.5 tons pressure without uniformity throughout the door.  With this amount of pressure the Top, bottom layer and core material might not get bonded properly there by leading to de-bonding or opening up of the doors.

[3]  Fimen doors are manufactured under the supervision of qualified Engineers.

[4] Our Company has a trained Service Team under the supervision   of site Engineer for any problems faced at site.

[5] The Company will give a guarantee of 6 years against any manufacturing defects.

[6] Fimen Doors will under go 15 Tests as per IS 4020 in Authorized Test Center (CDC).


[1] Fimen Doors  rates  are  less by   30% when  compared to wooden doors   (Honne, Mathi,   Sal etc.)

[2] Wooden Doors  are made from pieces and parts, which are joined together hence the doors   having many joints and breakable.  But Fimen doors made of single moulds, having hardly joints and hence Stronger than wooden doors .

[3]   Fimen doors undergoes 15 tests as per IS 4020 and has been to be proved stronger than wooden doors

[4]  It is totally free from problems as warpage, seasoning, termite and 100% Water resistant.

[5] Royal look when compared to wooden doors.

[6] Fimen doors are pigment finish which makes the doors and windows look new year after year

[7] Free from hunting for carpenters and risk of selecting low quality wood with lack of knowledge.

[8]  Available in  30 Pigment Colours to match with the interior wall paint.

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