Best Practice

Test Methods

No Test Test Method as per Acceptable value
a Fibers Glass Content ISO: 1172-1975 Not less than 25%
b Barcol Hardness the GRP ASTM: D2583-1987 Not less than 26 BIU tested on
Laminated finishing with gelcoat.
c Tensile strength BS: 4994- 1973 Not less than 58 N/mm2
d Tensile Modulus ISO: 3269- 1978 Not less than 6800 N/mm2
e Flexural Strength ISO: 178- 1975 Not less than 110 N/mm2
f Flexural Modulus ISO: 178- 1975 Not less than 6100 N/mm2
g Izod Impact ISO: 180- 1982 Not less than 10 J/cm2
h Water absorption after 7 days of immersion ISO: 62-1980 Not more than 0.5 by weight.
Testing methods for GRP doors as per IS 4020- 1994 Fimen doors undergo following test
Dimensions and defects of square ness tests.
General Flatness tests.
Local plainness test
Impact indentation test
Edge Loading test
Shock resistance test
Buckling test.
Slamming test.
Screw holding power test.
Varying humidity test.
End immersion test.
Impact resistance (Shock resistance):
By conducting this test, Strength of the Door is checked.
Braking Strength:
Cross braking Strength of the laminate is tested at different points
Hardness of the laminate is tested using barcol impresser.
Tensile Strength:
Tensile strength of laminate is tested at different points.

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